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The Secret Recipe Behind Techcardi's Gini Hidden Data Solutions



Techcardi Hidden Data platforms are used by organizations to solve complex problems. One thing that is always true about information that flows through in an organization is that there will always be an unmanageable volume to keep track of. Techcardi Hidden Data infrastructure is built for integrating, discovering hidden resources, from any most any source, at any scale.


Techcardi Hidden Data platform helps people in your organization interact easily with your hidden data from almost any source, volume or complexity. Techcardi technology is a hybrid cloud product and also comes with remote versions to meet almost any demand or organizational network model, it adapts to databases and produces operational results quickly.


Getting Started


Techardi Hidden Data platforms use clustering and the nearest neighbor prediction techniques along with special algorithms. Each platform is set-up on our end before we begin. Our deployment teams will need to know the nature of your underlying data and the type of problem your trying to solve. If your company is unsure of the problem or the target data you want, we can begin with just a general conversation.




Product Sales: 1-866-602-5526

Product Support: 1-866-609-1363






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