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Posted 2019

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How does the Partner Program work?


Techcardi security partners are used to help Techcardi customers test their network security. You will provide us with IP stamps of your locations during the investigation and details of your efforts; recorded post-investigation videos. We work as a team. You will follow a meditated action plan. Any revisions you wish to make to an ongoing investigation will be treated as a secondary investigation which may require a second approval process by both parties before any action is taken. This protects the integrity of our investigation and helps keep everyone on track.


Start up process for each new account will involve a 20 min phone meeting to help you understand our customers goals, followed up with 30 min periodic meetings along the way if needed.




All Techcardi partners must be bonded and insured with a liability of $1M to $100M depending on each project. Insurance and security clearance documents will need to be kept up-to-date.




Our security services require each of our customers to provide upfront proof of corporate authorization prior to any project tests. Techcardi reserves the right to refuse network security or beta test services for any reason prior to starting. This protects our partners and the company.




Techcardi will provide all the work and projects to partners but we work closely together. Partners work on a tier scale and graduate to larger projects through contributions, customer feedback and involvement.


Getting Started


Anyone can apply. You don't necessarily need experience. Some of our best security partners started off as IT Network Admin Technicians - you just need a desire protect honest organizations from outside threats.





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